Someone sold my information and
personal data without sharing profits.
Data is scattered to multiple platforms,
and is difficult to manage.
Many people don’t know how blockchain
could improve their lives.
I do not own my data?
Someone took and sold my information
without telling me?
How can I monetize my data and
earn from it?

Blockchain Digital Identity G-ID

G-ID is generated on GXChain after ID verification, it cannot be tampered with once established. G-ID aims to be the passport of the future.

Smart Data Consolidation From Multiple Platforms

Currently, we give out a lot of personal information while using various applications. In some ways, the applications we use may know more about us than we know about ourselves. This personal data spreads to multiple platforms, being bought and sold without our consent. Currently, there are no efficient channels by which we can monetize our own data. GXChain offers a solution to these issues by giving users control over their own data. GXChain obtains user consent before collecting and storing user data on a blockchain. Access to user data on the blockchain is managed by a private key which will be securely generated and handed over to users, allowing each user to fully control their own data.

Proof of Data Incentive Mechanism

Proof of Data (PoD) is an innovative incentive mechanism, pioneered by our team. Users can earn digital assets through authorizing their data. This mechanism encourage users to authorize their information broadly and continually. One can receive more assets as more kinds of data are authorized.

Blockchain Data Safe Box

There are abundant data sources in the GXChain data economy, including e-commerce, credit record, mobile phone carrier, education background, and criminal record. After authorization, this data could be acquired or purchased in data marketplaces. Users’ data will be encrypted via private-public key pairs, enabling users to control access to their data.

Abundant Applications

There are many application scenarios with ownership determined data. Such as in finance, gaming, social networking etc., users can authorize their data to get high quality services. In the meantime, data generated during app usage also belongs to the user.